Late Night Strolling


Late night strolling at one of my favorite cities here in the metro. Just walked around the whole place, took random photos of streets, people and of course outfit photos for the blog. There's this area in Bonifacio Global City where all the cool kids (skaters) hang out, seeing doing their thang almost amazed me, imagine all the efforts and hard works they exerted just to perfect a stunt is really applaudable.

Just one of those outfits you expect to see me wear. Still obsessing over anything that is in the form of simplicity, something that strays away from the excessive, loud and striking street style. Minimal dressing is forever in my comfort zone and I don't think my obsession is going away anytime soon, or will it ever?. To make things more interesting, I added a knee length inner shirt, which surprisingly reminded me of Rick Owen's 2008 collection.

Jacket from Indu Homme
Shirt dress from Japan
Pants from Acronym
Boots from Salvatore Mann

Photographed by Juan Lorenzo Abiba of


  1. The pics look nice.. n ur shoes r good too .. xoxo

  2. Great outfit! The shoes are really nice..

  3. that jacket is perfect. cool pics!!

  4. Really great look honey, i love this pants and jacket.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Come check my new post
    See you soon

  5. amazing dear!

  6. Ikaw na talaga! Wala nang kakavogue sayo dito sa PH pag dating sa outfitan. #HartHart (jejemon lang!)

  7. Wow such great pictures and outfit!
    You've really pretty eyes :-)
    Thanks for your comment btw.

    Stop by anytime:

  8. Thanks for your comment.
    Follow for follow? Follow me!
    When I see I follow you back.


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